How It Works

If you’ve read this far it’s either because you’ve been referred or are just wondering what the hell this is about.

This is generally how it goes. You have an idea of something you want to achieve, which falls under the umbrella of health and well-being like running a marathon, learning to move again after injury, getting fit and losing fat, sleeping through the night, being pain-free, drinking less booze, the list is infinite.

We sit down together to discuss the lengthy questionnaire you’ve filled out. Firstly, do I think I can help you?  Are we going to get along? It’s got to be right for both of us.  Please don’t take it personally if I say I’m not for you.  I work with people long-term and don’t really work with those who just want big muscles.

I’m going to proceed to share with you what I feel is the optimum way for you to achieve your goals and between us, we find an agreeable plan that’s going to take you towards where you want to go.

In Person Central London & Norwich. Online Planet Earth. Home Visits available.