My name is William and I’ve been a client of Hamish’s for about 2.5yrs. I’m in my early 30s and generally like to keep very active even though I have a desk job that requires just the opposite. I try to do as many extreme sports as I can get away with! I came across Hamish when he was training another client in my local gym. I was quite autonomous in my routines then, but he gave off a very good impression so approached him for an introductory session and never looked back.

What’s great about him without being too cliché is he takes a holistic approach to body composition and overall physical health. When I thought we should go heavy on certain weights I was taught (correctly) that I had certain mobility issues that could hinder performance or worse cause injury. Hamish is just as concerned if/when injury strikes and that forms part of his empathetic character which stands him above the rest. 

Over the years he has helped me become stronger, improve my functional mobility, and generally become a much healthier person.

He always seems to be broadening his knowledge on both mental and physical health and is just a great fitness partner.

As a long-term trainer, he doesn’t over-obsess with short-term performance metrics. Instead, he understands that fitness should be a healthy part of life and that consistency is key.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile if the need arises and is flexible and fair in how he approaches the trainer/client relationship.

All in all, I’ve never worked with or heard of a better trainer. He’s a friend, we have a good laugh, and I would happily recommend Hamish to anyone. 

William – Client