Lifestyle & Nutrition

As you will see from my questionnaire I like to explore all aspects of your health and well-being. The 3 pillars of health, structural, emotional, and nutritional are inextricably linked. For example, If you’re not getting enough good sleep it’s going to affect how you are. If you’re missing certain nutrients or having too many of others then this affects how you are. If you’re stuck in ever-repeating cycles that aren’t treating you well it’s maybe worth asking, do you want to let go of something?

I believe you usually have all the answers. Sometimes we just need to unlearn or let go of all the baggage that we have come to identify as ourselves.

Sometimes you’ve got to go to places you’d rather not.

You’re on a road right now, which has a destination.  Is that the road you need? Most people know what they don’t want, but carry on anyway. Sometimes this is because it’s too bloody scary to stop and face one’s truer, deeper and more authentic feelings. 

Are you stuck? In pain? Going nowhere in a hurry? Hamish works with those wishing to explore getting in touch with their true deeper selves through health and well-being coaching.

Quite simply, we are all different when it comes to nutrition.  If you are in reasonable health with no hormonal imbalances and are sleeping well then eating fewer calories than you use should lower your weight. In my 25-plus years in this industry, it’s often more complicated than this.

I will guide you in the direction that suits your needs and goals. For those who have been stuck for a while, I usually like to get you together with Nutritional therapists who will explore on a far deeper and more clinical level than I can. The more I learn about nutrition the more I realize I don’t know.  I work with a very select group of specialists and pride myself on putting you with the best person for your needs. Many hands make light work.

Lifestyle is another broad topic.  I’ll explore positive changes you can make across many aspects of your life, from work-life balance to eating habits. I encourage you to explore relationships you have that are not supporting your overall health from addictive behaviors to present and past emotional traumas.

Talking Therapy

I have been and continue to be on a journey of self exploration. This includes 15 years of personal and group psychotherapy with the Maverick Jerry Hyde. I have done a lot of field work including , rebirthing, family constellations, plant medicine retreats, vision quests and enlightenment intensives .  What I have learnt through these experiences naturally filters through to my work.

Please note, I have no formal talking therapy qualifications.